Happy Fathers Day

Although I can't be there with you in person to celebrate Father's Day, I want to let you know that I am thinking of you! Below I have posted a couple pictures (along with a lesson learned) that brought a smile to my face. Hopefully they have a similar effect on you, enjoy and Happy Fathers Day.
Your son, Ethan.

(Click a picture to reveal a life-lesson)

Here's to the man that taught me to "always take the hard classes". That is the best advice relating to education that I have ever recieved. Even though I may not have expressed it then, I am glad that you were there in times of peril *cough* AP chemistry *cough* to help

Perhaps most recently, you taught me this past summer that hard work pays off. Some days working on the house were a real pain in the ass but I learned SOOO much about how to "raise the rafters" (literally) and what it takes to make a house a home. Hope your new place is everything you wanted it to be!

So, thanks to you I have been bombing down Mt. Alyeska since before I can remember. Trips to Girdwood are always a blast and I am just glad that I am able share the mountain with such a great skiier, teacher and father. Love you dad!

This one is a biggie. I cant tell you how many good times I have had at Big Lake with you and the other sailors. Being aboard as your crew, whether it be the ol' Hummginbird or the hasty Buccaneer, has taught me a good lesson in sportsmanship. As well as bragging rights to the Governor's Cup TWICE! After all, I am the most improved junior sailor... :)

Last but not least, your appreciable talent in the kitchen. I have picked up a few tricks from you out on the grill front and Famous Tim's Casserole is an inspiring crowd pleaser. BTW I'm pinching my nose because it smells too good to handle at such close proximity

My dashing good looks must come from someone...