Labrador Retriever at Stud for Hunting, Field trials and Companion

Northstar's Go Big or Go Home


DOB: 4/17/2010




About Gauge

North Stars Go Big or Go Home, Gauge is 75 lbs of Super Retriever. Born 4.17.2010, Gauge has been trained as a field trial dog by Professional Trainer Eric Fangsrud of Charlo, Montana. Extremely fast and athletic, Gauge carries all the traits you want in a retriever.
Great Distance Vision-marking birds at distances up to 400 yards is his specialty.
Strong Build-athletically built for speed, navigating all terrains. Persevering through heavy cover is easy for Gauge.
Water Lover-retrieves on water with the same love and gusto as on land. The bigger the water, the better.
High Desire Level and Work Ethic- no bird is safe. Gauge will hunt forever.
A successful trial career is only a small part of what Gauge represents. When Gauge isnt training in Montana, he resides in Anchorage, Alaska. For Gauge, the best is yet to come.